Biocutin - nature Haircare

The brand Biocutin stands for an innovative collection of effective haircare products. Because a beautiful hair can only comes by a healthy scalp, in research and development we attach great importance to the optimal interaction of product and scalp. All producttests are accompanied by scalp analysis, so that the active ingredients: pH values and the active oxygen can be monitored in the terms of efficacy.
Thus, the formulations can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the scalp types. Problems with hair can be combated from the root and the rich ingredients give the hair the necessary care for shine and volume.

Every Biocutin product contains the unique Active Oxygen Ozonid ‘AOO‘. This active substance stimulates the micorcirculation of the scalp and because of that it has great positive effect of the hair and supports the impact of the other ingredients.

Biocutin is nature haircare for everyone.

The Biocutin sortiment consist of shampoos for every hairtype, scalp care, styling products and scalp ampoules. All of the products are:
- alcohol free
- parabenfree
- no chemical glycerin
- no chemical preservatives
- no silicones
- no nanoparticle

Discover our world of nature haircare.